About me


My name is Imre Juhász, I am the executive director of Bakeline Ltd. I am 41 years old, father of two.
First I have met with bakery industry in Barnabas Pesti Food Industry Secondary School, in 1994. This meeting became my love later.
Firstly, I have been working as a baker, all possible fields of the bakery have been recognised. After 10 years of experience in managing, I have worked abroad. Returning Austria, I have become a quality assurance manager at a multinational company, therefore I could recognize the food industry from a totally new prospect.
Fostering new and new challenges, as of 2011, I have worked as a salesman for a Hungarian company distributing machines in bakery industry. Within a short period, it became obvious, that I have finally met the segment of food industry, where I could be professionally fulfilled.
Three years later, I have been invited to a newly established bakery machine trading company as a trading manager. I gladly accepted this invitation, and a little later, I continued working as a commercial manager.
More than 20 years of professional experience and attending all levels of the corporate hierarchy structure have been proved useful.
I owe my salesman success mostly to my credibility as I could use the machines distributed. I am aware of the plant’s operation even if it is a small, medium-sized or large factory. Therefore, I know the employee’s reasoning and the owners’ concept.

My mission

In 2021, I have decided to make my dreams come true by launching my own enterprise and my own approach will be represented.
In my opinion, not just a machine is purchased by a customer, but also a distributor is opted, who will follow the whole lifetime of the product distributed. The secret of a long-term, successful co-operation is deriving from this approach.

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