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With 20 years of professional experience behind me, I felt that I could give customers much more. That is why I founded Bakeline Kft. in 2021.

What does “giving more” mean in practice?

I have felt many times during my career that there are few distributors who understand their customers and can provide them with real help, e.g. in the event of a failure. I started my career as a baker.

I went through all possible areas of the baking plant, and with 10 years of experience as a plant manager behind me, I also tried my hand abroad. From there, it was a straight path to companies selling baking machines, where I eventually worked as a commercial director.

Using these experiences, Bakeline Kft. went through an almost explosive development and has now become a dominant player in the market.

When we ask our customers why they choose us, we always get the same 3 answers:

1. It’s great that you really understand it and don’t just sell the machines.

2. The quick repair (on average 1-2 days) is a great help

3. We checked and you work with fair prices.

It is a great pleasure for us to hear this, because there is a very conscious development behind it. I confess that I owe my success as a salesperson mostly to my credibility, since as a professional, I know how to use the machines I sell. I know the operation of the plant, whether it is a small, medium or large plant, so I understand the thoughts of the workers in the plant and the ideas of the owners.

Fortunately, this professionalism was also recognized by the manufacturers. At the start, we worked with 15 manufacturers, but this has now increased to over 45. The high point came in 2023, when we got the exclusive distribution of the deservedly popular Real Forni ovens and LP Group kneading machines. Of course, all of this also means that we can participate in the professional training courses throughout Europe that ensure that we can serve our customers at the highest level. Buying at Bakeline does not only mean that you get high-quality machines at a favorable price.

All our customers also join the Bakeline community at the same time, where they receive special support for any questions or problems they may have.

You can always count on Bakeline and its colleagues!

My mission

In 2021, I have decided to make my dreams come true by launching my own enterprise and my own approach will be represented.
In my opinion, not just a machine is purchased by a customer, but also a distributor is opted, who will follow the whole lifetime of the product distributed. The secret of a long-term, successful co-operation is deriving from this approach.

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